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Emergency Agency Links
FIRE                            San Bernardino County Fire Department                        www.sbcfire.org
SHERIFF                       San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department    www.sbcounty.gov/sheriff HIGHWAY PATROL         California Highway Patrol                                          www.chp.ca.gov/
MOUNTAIN ECS             Central Mountain Emergency Comm Ctr                       www.mtnecs.org/
RED CROSS                   The American Red Cross                                         www.redcross.org/
Citizens Corps                   About CERT; Starting your own CERT program         www.citizencorps.gov/cert/
FEMA                                Federal Emergency Management Agency                                   www.fema.gov/
FEMA/Citizens Corps Information Website                                                                          www.ready.gov
CaliforniaVolunteers           Californians involved in Volunteering                        www.californiavolunteers.org
NOAA                                National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration                          www.noaa.gov/
USGS                                US Geological Survey                                                                www.usgs.gov/ CalEMA                             CA Emergency Management Agency                                   www.calema.ca.gov Office of Emergency Svs    San Bernardino County Dept of Health                                 www.sbcounty.gov
Emergency Checklists        San Bernardino County OES Emergency Docs                           Emergency Docs
Government Agencies
Other Nearby CERT Organizations
CERT LA                           Official Los Angeles CERT website                          www.cert-la.com/index.shtml
Loma Linda                 City of Loma Linda, CA CERT                            www.lomalindacert.com
Emergency Supplies/Provisions
Simpler Life                  Food, supplies, equipment, and more                    www.simplerlife.com
Quake Kare                  Survival kits, emergency supplies                          www.quakekare.com
Emergency Survival        Survival kits, emergency supplies      www.emergencysurvivalgoods.com
Other Information Sources
Fire Safe Council          Arrowhead Communities Fire Safe Council           www.arrowheadfsc.net/
Other Nearby CERT Groups
Big Bear Valley CERT Group                                                                         www.bbvcert.org
Loma Linda CERT Group
Riverside CERT Group                                                                                   Riverside CERT
Other Links
Insure.net Preparedness Guides                                                                     www.Insure.net
Earthquake Preparedness                             www.usinsurancenet.com/earthquake-preparedness
Notice: MTNCERT.ORG does not endorse any emergency food or supply providers. Please exercise all normal diligence when purchasing items, either in person, over the phone, or via the internet. Be a wise and safe shopper!