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The simple fact is this:  We live in a National Forest. Grasslands abound around us. While we may only have a major earthquake every 100 years, or so, we can depend on major fires...somewhere in California...every year. When our Santa Ana wind conditions hit, fires turn into deadly monsters, sweeping everything in their path. We only have to look back as far as 2007 and 2003, to the hundreds of homes that were destroyed in our area, to understand the threat we are all under. Fires can start at any time, day or night, and they move quickly. If you are told to evacuate, you may have only minutes to gather belongings and precious momentos.
A good fire plan serves three purposes:
1. Protecting your house from personal-cause and wildfire situations
2. Providing “shelter in place” means and supplies in the event our mountain access roads are cut off
3. Providing evacuation preparedness
The Red Cross, CalFire, and Ready For Wild Fire, are just three of the many excellent website sources for information that you can download and use to ready yourself for the next fire season.
Every family’s priorities will be different. For some, treasured possessions may be critical. Other families may find that important papers, medicines, or equipment (computer hard disks) may be most critical. For every family, personal safety and a communication plan should ultimately be at the top of any list. Use the forms available on this page or from one of the websites listed to prepare your family.
Communicate your plan to family members!
Practice your plan at least once at the beginning of the fire season!
Stay alert!
Three Steps!
Defensible Space
Harden Your Home
Have A Family Plan In Place
Identify Critical Items to Take
Be Ready to Evacuate
Have A Family Communication Plan in Place
“We live in a forest. The
fire danger is always
present.  A good plan can
help you avoid the
sadness of losing your
Preparing For Forest Fires