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Cold Weather Survival Guides 
winter survival.pdf
It’s all too familiar for some of us, and if you happen to be a newcomer to the mountains, be aware that 4-seasons means that we have winter...with snow...sometimes lots of it. And, although most of our winters are fairly mild, we could still experience a long-lasting blizzard with high winds and wet snow that could easily result in power outages and your inability to restock your pantry with food for days at a time. Cold weather can be especially challenging for the elderly and shut-ins. Since many of us commute to jobs down the hill, being prepared with survival gear in your car is especially important.
On this page, you will find information provided by FEMA and the US Army for survival in extremely harsh conditions...
conditions that are likely to be far worse than anything we will ever experience (hopefully) in the San Bernardino Mountains.  Still, if you are adequately prepared for extreme conditions, then you will likely be ready for anything that Southern California can throw at you.  
Most of us think of California as having a benign and temperate climate.  However, as you will see from the Winter Storm Survival Guide, California ranks right at the top of the list with states that receive the highest number of winter storms.
The Red Cross has assembled extremely valuable and useful information for coping with severe winter storms. Click on the links just below to find pages of information that will not only help you survive a severe winter storm, but to be prepared for anything Ol’ Man Winter has to offer.
Expert Help Is Available
Other Valuable Preparedness Documents:
CERT Helps Residents Prepare:
CERT members are dedicated to knowing their communities and their neighborhoods. This means knowing who might need additional help in any emergency, but who might need extra help or attention during winter. Handicapped residents, the elderly, the sick, shut-ins...all will need particular attention when a winter storm hits.
You can help CERT in two ways:
First: Consider becoming a CERT volunteer.  It’s easy and fun and will involve working closely with people you probably already know.  But, it’s serious business at the same time, and you will be performing a vital and important function as a CERT member.
Secondly: If you or someone you know is particularly vulnerable in the winter, please contact the CERT Area Coordinator, David Hobbs, at (909) 337-5095. David will make sure that the team serving that particular area is aware of a “special need”, so that a team member can check in on the resident when a storm arrives.
CERT: We’re Here To Help!