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One of our most valuable yet vulnerable resources is our child population on the mountain.  RIM Unified School District has partnered with CHP, FIRE and Sheriff’s departments to formulate plans for evacuation of children, especially during school hours, when many parents are not nearby.  The document here outlines evacuation planning, routes, and preparedness for possible evacuation.  Further information can be obtained from the district website, www.rimsd.k12.ca.us.
Evacuation Plans
The CHP’s primary missions are to prevent loss of life, injuries and property damage, to assist allied agencies, to manage traffic and emergency incidents, and to protect the public and state assets. As part of the mountain’s emergency mutual aid force, CHP supports all other local agencies and local law enforcement, and will take whatever role is necessary to assure general law enforcement, public safety, general welfare and preservation of life and property. CHP’s mission plan is closely aligned with local, county, state and federal disaster plans and is always tailored to fit the particular incident. CHP is closely connected with all other local mountain agencies in support of enforcement, evacuation, safety, preservation and protection of residents and mountain property.
The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department is, by law, the primary law enforcement agency in the county,  and is in charge of all evacuation efforts ordered in the mountain communities. After an evacuation order, SBSD would then provide area patrol and protection for property and for any persons authorized to remain in the mountain areas. Evacuation and protection plans are fully coordinated with all other law enforcement agencies and San Bernardino County Fire, as well as other County, State and Federal authorities that are involved in the incident. The SBSD is also in charge of all reentry efforts into the affected areas.
As the primary firefighting agency in the county, the San Bernardino County Fire Department would quickly respond from multiple nearby stations in the event of a major fire or hazardous material event. Although no one likes to be evacuated from their home, residents who evacuate in a timely manner during such an event allow Fire Department personnel and assets to move easily throughout residential areas, providing for maximum protection, while minimizing the chances of injury to residents. Fire Department personnel continually communicate with Sheriff's personnel and CHP to make sure that property is protected during evacuation and to determine when residents can return to their homes.
CERT volunteers train to assist first responders in the event of a major event on the mountains.  Members are easily identified in their green vests and helmets and have actively trained themselves to know the community, to distribute preparedness literature, and to be ready to assist Fire and Police authorities. You may have already been visited by some of the friendly CERT volunteers, just mountain residents like yourself, who not only want to take care of themselves and their own families, but who recognize the need to reach out and help others prepare for the inevitable events we will face here in the Lake Arrowhead, Running Springs, and Green Valley Lake areas.