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Mountain CERT Group Stages Triage Drill

On Saturday, August 4th, 27 Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Members from Lake Arrowhead, Running Springs and Crestline conducted a disaster simulation at County Fire Station 91 in Lake Arrowhead. Under the direction of Battalion Chief Al Krelnikov, firefighters and paramedics from County Fire Stations 91 and 92 created a lifelike simulated earthquake scenario for CERT Members to practice their skills. Seven fire explorers donned movie style makeup to represent injured victims adding to the realism of the exercise.

Once the exercise began, CERT Members fanned out across the station property. Teams of four CERT members conducted searches, locating victims and determined which ones required immediate attention before transporting them to the medical operations station located outside. Screams for help could be heard from the “victims” adding to the stress level of the exercise. Rescuers bandaged and then moved their patients outside to receive further care.

Lake Arrowhead CERT Volunteer Coordinator Dave Hobbs stated, “Even though this was the first big drill we’ve had, I was pleased with the performance of CERT Members.” Following the exercise, Chief Krelnikov and the participating firefighters offered praise for the thorough job done and offered advice for areas of improvement.

CERT is a free 20-hour training program of San Bernardino County Fire Department, Office of Emergency Services and teaches residents how to care for themselves, their families and community in time of a major disaster. There are currently 17 CERT Programs in unincorporated San Bernardino County communities and 15 in various Cities and Towns. For information on CERT in the mountain communities, visit www.mtncert.org or call  (909) 356-3998 for information on CERT in other areas.